Upon enrollment, you will receive an enrollment packet. Please ensure that all forms are thoroughly completed before your child begins. If you require any assistance with the enrollment packet, do not hesitate to speak with the Director.

Here is a list of the required forms:

  • Complete Enrollment Application
  • Authorization for Medical Release form (notarized)
  • Physical Health Assessment form signed by a physician
  • Up-to-date immunizations
  • Parent/School Agreement signed by BOTH parents/guardians
  • Photo, Blog, and Website Release
  • Child Family History Form
  • Allergy Form
  • Handbook Acknowledgement form

Registration Fees must be paid at the time of enrollment to secure your child’s spot. All children are required to participate in a tour of the facility. This is a crucial part of the transition for a child as it allows them to acclimate to the classroom environment, meet the teacher, and get acquainted with their peers. Please note that enrollment cannot be processed until your child has completed their facility tour.

Enrollment Forms